Our collaborators


Department of Forensic and Neurodevelopmental Sciences

Institute of Psychiatry

United Kingdom


Nicolaas A. J. Puts, PhD

The Sensory Inputs Lab (led by Dr. Nicolaas Puts) investigates how our brain processes sensory information, how cortical processes relate to our behavioral perception of sensations, and how this leads to our externalized behaviors in health and disease. We use advanced edited MRS methods developed at Johns Hopkins (including multiplexed editing approaches such as HERMES and HERCULES), and apply these methods in health and clinical conditions, adults and children. We have expertise with children with autism, ADHD (3T and 7T), Tourette syndrome (3T and 7T), as well as adults e.g. with pain syndromes. We combine MRS with other imaging or behavioural approaches to link these measures with brain metabolism (GABA & Glu function) including EEG, TMS, and sensory/cognitive measures.


Department of Kinesiology

University of Georgia

Athens, GA


Deborah A. Barany, PhD

Deborah Barany directs the Brain and Action Laboratory and co-directs the Neurostimulation Laboratory in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Georgia. Her research focuses on the neural mechanisms underlying goal-directed movement, using a combination of behavioral (movement kinematics, eye-tracking), neuroimaging (fMRI, MRS) and neurostimulation (TMS) methods. She is particularly interested in using MRS to investigate the role of GABA in visuomotor control, and to characterize brain metabolism in different neurological conditions affecting motor function (e.g., TBI, cerebral palsy).